My continued life-long obsession with Harry Potter

It’s hard to believe it’s been twenty years!

I’ll say it loud and I’ll say it proud: I love Harry Potter. There you have it folks… I am a super geek at ūüíď and my major continued obsession is HP.

I have read the books so many times as a child and teenager that eventually my parents banned me from reading them and confiscated them from my room.

I would hide away in my room and lose myself in the stories… I now know that this was my way of escaping from being bullied and the daily torture that I was going through at school as a child.

I dreamed and wished and fantasized about going to Hogwarts. I wished I could be taken away from my school and sorted in Gryffindor to join Harry, Ron and Hermione.

As each book came out my obsession grew- I pre-order them every year. There was nothing more exciting in the world than finishing the current HP novel and waiting in anticipation for what would happen next. I ordered my book from the local book shop on Morningside road. The owner was a little old man with white hair… reminding me so much of Ollivander. I used to queue outside the shop, having already paid for the latest book with my pocket money… And just to be extra cool I would read it walking up the road to my house. It’s a surprise I wasn’t run over!

And for the next 10-12 hours (or however long it look for me to complete) the outside world vanished and I lost myself in every single word on every single page. I cried when Hedwig died in the final book. I rejoiced and felt so much girl power when Hermione punch Malfoy. I laughed out loud at Hagrid’s brilliant one liners!!! And my all time favourite characters were Fred and George Weasley.

The books gave me quotes to live by… morals to follow and guidance for when I needed comfort.

I have never felt that way about a book before or since. I have never felt so emotionally connected to the lives of these fictional characters… I was invested in them and genuinely cares about their lives.

I’m my option the movies lost that richness. Too many characters were cut out… ¬†Some of my favorite story lines and quotes were missing. I love these movies- don’t get me wrong, but I just adore the books so much more.

I currently own:

x3 copies of chamber of secrets (the first two fell apart)… ¬†x2 copies of each of the movies, not including the box set… And I even have the first three movies in video!!!! ¬†That’s how long this relationship has been playing out.

I own a wand (Luna’s), have various HP t-shirts and PJ’s… As well as other memorabilia from over the years off as hoc collecting.

If I remember correctly I even convinced my mum to buy me philosophers stone on video in the local Savacentre on Morningside road… Which has long since been gone and been replaced by Waitrose.

As a family we won tickets to the first screening of chamber of secrets at the Odeon cinema on South Clark Street… ¬†Now a deralict and abandoned building… Such a waste.

I’ve been to Harry Potter world at Leaveston studios…. And I have met the lady herself… ¬†Old J.K!

I worked in an art gallery (again on Morningside road) and she came in to look at the art work! I was a nervous and hyperactive freak I can tell you that. She seemed so shy and quiet actually… And I was far too nervous to play it cool, ending up hiding in the back office from her!

She even lived in the same area as me… I had friends of friends who knew her!

And to top it all off… Both my first name and my surname are in the bloomin books!

Arianna is Dumbledore’s sister… And my surname is one of the Quidditch players- go Chudley Cannons!

What a coincidence!!!

These books and the characters in them have definitely shaped my life.

Sirius, Snape, Dobby, Neville, Luna, Tonks and even Peeves the poltergeist all taught me different life lessons, what it meant to be a good friend. I was taught how to stick up for myself, how to love, and how to be yourself no matter what. I was taught about loyalty, strength, how to be funny and how to be wierd!

Snape above all resonates in the hearts of those who have read the books… Always.

There are too many moment to mention and I’d never be able to pick a favourite novel of the series, or a favourite moment.

I just can’t wait for the day when I get to read these books to my children… Just like my dad did with me.

We started out by reading a page each at a time… And in the beginning it took me about 10 minutes to read a page from philosophers stone, I was about 8/9 but my reading and dyslexia levels were really poor. ¬†Then dad began doing to accents and ¬†voices, and as brothers and sisters were huddled up in bed to listen to him rad a chapter a night.

HP really and truly taught be to read. As a child with servere dyslexia reading was the bain of my life, until I discovered HP I hated reading more than anything. It was light a light bulb moment.. ¬†my parents had given me this book… This amazing opportunity book…. And I was hooked and reading became a joy.

I still read obsessively now… ¬†Probably searching for that one novel which will recreate the way I felt about HP, safe to say so far it hasn’t happened.

So thank you J.K! You changed and influenced my life, and your books will always stay in my heart forever. #longliveharrypotter










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