The one… More like world’s worst stalker!

Well Arianna… You sure know how to pick them. I thought Mr Italian stallion was bad, but he was nothing in comparison to the latest man… Mr American.

We had a great night a few weeks ago together and the following morning we decided to swap numbers to meet up again. After all we got on really well. We clicked and the adulting (let’s call it that)… Well it was… WAW!

And low and behold he was too good to be true. I should have known it from the beginning!

The following day, not even 24 hours after we meet he was calling​ me for a catch-up. Who calls a person the day after a one night stand? Seriously????? Who does that? At least wait a few days and then call, it’s called playing hard to get.

And then the texting began!

Well this guy had never ever heard of playing hard to get. He played desperate and needy as fuck.

He was trying to WhatsApp video and voice call me, he was calling my mobile, and on top of that was all the persistent text messages.

He wanted me to travel down south to meet him in England. Am I fuck! Hell no was I leaving my city ALONE to go and meet a man I didn’t know. I may be ditzy, but I’m not stupid!

And his persistence was starting to get on my tits. He just wouldn’t leave me alone. So I decided to do what most of us would do… It was time to phase this guy out. He’d eventually take the hint…. Right … Wrong!

I stopped replying to his texts, was more distant and generally just not interested. But this man was having none of that. He just kept texting and texting and calling and calling.

And then I broke! I was mad and creeped out. I messaged him to polity end things. I asked him if we could cool down whatever this was. We had only had one night together and he was acting like I was his girlfriend.  I did suggest that if he was up for a casual fling every so often I’d be up for that. But there was too much intensity in his approach and he was starting to freak  me out.

Safe to say my message didn’t go down well. But he did say maybe it was time we said Goodbye to one another. RESULT! FINALLY! This is exactly what I wanted, he would now leave me alone.  He’d said goodbye, so I didn’t see the point of saying it bk to him.

So thinking that was the end of that I blocked him off WhatsApp and deleted his number.


That was until today!!!

He’s an actual fucking stalker.

Out of the blue I get this calls from a number I don’t recognise. The first time it rings I didn’t pick up, but I answered the second time. And the on the other end of the line was an AMERICAN ACCENT! FUCK!!!!!!

I immediately hung up and started to panic. How the fell had he found me? I’d blocked him???

Then I realised he’d contacted me though my Facebook account.

This guy had actually looked me up on Facebook, even though we weren’t friend’s and contacted my mobile via Facebook. What the fuck!!!!

Now I am freaked the fuck out.

And when I go to block him from Facebook I’ve seen he’s privately messaged me ontop of everything else.

He wants to know why I deleted him and blocked his WhatsApp ( hmmmm​ I wonder why) ??? He so wants to know if I want to meet up soon as he’s gonna be in Edinburgh? IS HE MAD?

Do I hell wanna meet him? He’s giving me the creeps and I feel sick at the thought of him tracking me down online.

Thank God he doesn’t know where I live and thank God I don’t live alone.

I feel physically sick, I’m starting to panic at the thought of this guy finding me.

And I’m mad! IM FUCKING MAD!  Who the tell does he think he is?

I haven’t responded to any of this attempts at getting in touch. I’ve blocked him from every single devise and app on my phone.

Why then do I still feel, for a lack of a better term, violated?

I feel sick. I can feel my anxiety coming bk and that only leads to more problems.


So thank you Mr American!

Thank you for proving that men will do and say anything to get a girl in bed. Thank you for making me feel sick. Thank you for showing me your true colours before it was too late. Thank you for taking advantage of my naivety and faith in people. And most of all thank you for making me damn sure that I will never ever trust a man ever again!

I’m currently lying in bed unable to sleep with worry and thought in my mind. I will not have a sound sleep tonight. I will worry that he will do d another way of contacting me.

Mr American you were awful and you defiantly were not the one.


If anyone has any suggestions on what I should do to resolve this or to make my anxiety go away I’d be thrilled for any tips  xxx


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