I’m in A&E

Okay… So I’m a bit of a hypochondriac… And im also a giant clutz.

Those two things mixed together means I’m basically always injuring myself. I admit normally just small minor cuts and scraps… But occasionally it’s something more serious.

I’m prone to bleeding fingers and always have a supply of plasters at the ready, and I do occasionally burn myself with the hair straightener and the curling tongs.

And let’s not even mention the cuts and scratches from my cats… But that’s my own fault, I play fight with them.

However this time I woke up at 4am this morning as my cut from last night hadn’t stopped bleeding.

Shall I set the scene for you…  I was grating potatoes! That’s it!!!! No war stories, nothing dangerous or exciting. I was fucking grating potatoes for the bastarding dinner and accidentally grated my own finger! How dumb can you get. Seriously maybe I should be wrapped in cotton wool, coz clearly I can’t look after myself without causing serious bodily harm to myself.

Immediately I washed the cut, ran it under cold water and then bandaged the teeny tiny wound in a plaster.

Yet the thing hasn’t stopped bleeding… Clearly it’s a deeper cut that I first realised. My finger has its own pulse and really really nips.

I was very thankfully driven to the hospital by my devoted and amazing dad, who has since gone back to get ready for work…  So here I am all alone! I am the only person in the A&E department waiting room, so why is it taking so long for them to see me????

Surprisingly I’ve never had stitches before, and I’m actually terrified of needles. So who knows how I’ll react once they call me through… I really hope I don’t need stitches.

It’s been just over an hour and a half now, I  wonder how much longer I’ll be made to sit and wait!


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