“Stop swearing”!

“It’s not lady-like to swear”.

“You’ll never get a man if you speak like that”!


“Your language is disgusting, you should be ashamed”.


Fine I admit it… I fucking swear. I swear a lot! I will use whatever words I wanna use and how dare someone tell me not to! I am an educated and free thinking person, and should have the freedom to use whatever words from my language that I deem fit to use… Right?!?

It’s only words, and just coz it upsets someone, or causes offence… Does that mean I shouldn’t do it! Where would we be if we didn’t ever do anything coz of the fear of offending someone.

My mother is forever telling me off for swearing. She forgets im 27 years old, and if I want to do something I will do it.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t never deliberately hurt someone by cursing at them, or attacking them through swearing. I’m not gonna swear in public where there are wee old ladies and small children running about. I won’t do it at work with my bosses, or if I was meeting some guys parents for the first time! I mean I’m not an out of control animal.

Yet, telling me not to swear really really really pisses me off!

Especially when I’m told it’s not lady-like or very attractive. Well do you know what these people can go and do..  I’ll give you two guesses. They can get to fuck! (Hear my thick Scottish accent radiate at this point).

How dare someone tell me what is attractive or lady-like. I decide what is attractive for me, and only for me.

It’s bad enough when it comes from my own mother, who in every other way, shape and form is the most liberal of creatures. Yet swearing is a hard limit for this woman apparently.

It’s much much worse when it comes from a man.

If you tell a man to fuck off coz your not interested in his attention, you don’t wanna grind up against his package in a club, or feel him grabbing your ass repeatedly, after having already told him politely to stop. What do we get?!

“Ohhh your just a lesbian”.

“No need to swear, I wasn’t going anything wrong”.

“With a mouth like that I wouldn’t go near you anyway”!

Suddenly the music stops, I focus my gaze and I seeing RED! Who the hell do this guy think he is. If being polite and asking him to stop doesn’t make him stop… And swearing doesn’t make him stop… Then what are we supposed to do?

So fuck it! If I can’t win, and I can’t lose, and there is no laws stopping me, well then I will continue to swear. I will use whatever words I wanna use, and no one will ever have the right to stop me.





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