It Happened Again!!!

There I was, sitting in an Asda Mac Donald’s at 7:30am, dressed in my Saturday night “hot” disguise, slightly desrevelled, hair and make-up all but destroyed and beginning to suffer from the cocktails of last night… and there sitting across from me is… well, lets call him Mr American!

How did this happen I hear you ask, how the hell did I do it again! Why o why o why do I have no self control when it comes to members of the opposite sex.

The plan was simply… we were having a girls night! It was all planned. Lets have a sophisticated girls night, we will do cocktails up town, get dressed up and flirt with some cute guys. I did my hair, got the false lashes and nails on, and let me tell you that took long enough. We had a plan!

So how did it end up like this…!



Next thing we know, the sophisticated part of town has been abandoned. Us girls didn’t belong on George Street in the first place. There is only one place to go, and that’s the Cowgate!

And where better than to get down and boogey….

sneaky petes

Fast forward to closing time… and there were are outside Sneaky Pete’s… Dani’s already found her target: some cute tourist type guy.

And there he was… Mr American.

In all honestly I hadn’t noticed him before, well he had good moved on the dance floor but that was it.

He was so charming, he was cute and he was sweeping me off my feet. How on earth had I caught this guys eye? Especially with Dani… I mean she was the girl all the guys fancied. Yet, here this man was, and he was totally focused on me, and showering me with all this attention and compliments. And he was HOT! Like seriously hot. This cute American black guy just swept right into my life like a bullet and caught me so off guard.

Then he invited me back to his!!!!

hell yes

Well I’m a 21st century gal… and I can do whatever I wanna do… right?

I didn’t want to… and then he kissed me… and DAMN!

Mind made up, we got a taxi and headed back to his. AM I GLAD I DID!!!!

What a night . . . (as they say in Mamma Mia!!!)

Leaving all the adult themed sexual part of the story out, well we didn’t sleep and I have never ever had a night like that in my entire life.

Its now Tuesday night, and after swapping numbers we haven’t stopped texting! Like what the hell! I don’t really know how I feel, or what to expect from Mr American. At first he seemed way to forward, but hell, maybe that is because he is an adult, and not a fucking boy like the rest of the men I have had the misfortune of meeting.

On Sunday he asked me to relocate! I think this was supposed to be a joke, at least I played it off as a joke… coz that’s the thing… he has just moved to Manchester!

He tells me he misses me, he wants to know about my family, and akss me how my day had been!

Ari you sure know how to pick them. How could I have gone for a guy who lives long distance again. After Mr Italian Stallion I thought I’d had enough of the long distance thing. I swore to myself never again, it wasn’t worth it and it didn’t work. Maybe I should just let things play out and not put too much pressure or expectations on this thing.

Maybe, just maybe this could be the REAL THING?!

true love





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