To Mooncup or not to Mooncup?

Right its time to get real. Half of the planet have to deal with periods at least once a month for the majority of our lives.. so here’s my chance to way in on this topic.

As someone who’s had a monthly cycle since I was 10 years old I am well versed in what we go through ladies. I feel your pain… and trust me I really do. Why is it I am getting punished every month for NOT being pregnant?

Any of you who know me will know that I have suffered and suffered and suffered. Ive taken more sick days that I can count ‘coz of the pain its caused, and I am sure my doctor is sick and tired of my visits. I have cried, moaned, screamed and eaten so muchcchocolate that I am surprised I am not dead.

Lets not even mention the bed sheets… I have ruined bedding. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to realise that yet again you have had an “accident”. Not only is it embarrassing, but it makes you feel bad and it costs money to fix. From the powders and detergents we use to wash away the problem, to just giving up and taking a trip to Primark and buying new sheets. Its an old clique, but men really don’t know what we ladies go through.

Ive recently gone on the pill (hint at my other blog posts) and it just made everything worse, I am sure you can use your imagination here.

BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel!!!!! Its taken me over a decade to find it but here it is….“>Mooncup

Yes that’s right I am a convert, and I’ll shout about it till the cows come home. Not only do I strongly recommend this product, but I have to say its saved my life.

No more mess, no more fuss, no more awkward rustling in the bathroom as I unwrap the sanitary towel. I can wear what I want (within reason…. gotta bear in mind those “flow” days).  I feel more confident and sure of myself, and I am not such a “grouchy bitch”. However the best thing was when I discovered that the pain almost disappeared. I can’t explain it, but there it is…. I can have an almost pain free period for the first time ever.

I still have the hot water bottle and the pain medication on hand for those days where I am feeling the nausea, sickness and cramps, but I don’t use them as often anymore.

I am sure some of you will shiver at the thought of the mooncup, but if you have used a tampon its basically the same thing. I won’t go into the uses, or directions… but they are available online. I still use sanitary towels as well, ‘coz lets be honest sometime we feel more secure with that extra layer. BUT the tampons are gone.. I HATED them, and good riddance!!!!!

On an even more positive note: All results came in negative from my previous post, thank Christ! Could you imagine if I had to have that conversation with my mother :0






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