What is it I want?

If you ever asked my 18 year old self what I thought life had in store for it, well it wouldn’t have been this! The teenage dreamer I once was is well and truly gone, but shad had a plan! Mt life would resemble a combination of a Disney Princess Fairytake, Flash Dance, Greace and […]

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I’m in A&E

Okay… So I’m a bit of a hypochondriac… And im also a giant clutz. Those two things mixed together means I’m basically always injuring myself. I admit normally just small minor cuts and scraps… But occasionally it’s something more serious. I’m prone to bleeding fingers and always have a supply of plasters at the ready, and […]

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“Stop swearing”! “It’s not lady-like to swear”. “You’ll never get a man if you speak like that”! “Language!!!!” “Your language is disgusting, you should be ashamed”.   Fine I admit it… I fucking swear. I swear a lot! I will use whatever words I wanna use and how dare someone tell me not to! I […]

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